The Yoghurt Myth

Many people believe that eating a tub of yoghurt will give them all the good bacteria they need on a daily basis. However, a medical strength probiotic, such as Inner Health Plus is specifically designed to provide the right therapeutic strains and numbers of ‘good bacteria’ that you need to help keep your digestive health in balance. In many cases, you may need to eat as many as 22 tubs of yoghurt a day just to get the same amount of good bacteria that is in one capsule of Inner Health Plus.

22 Tubs or 1 Capsule

The good bacteria found in Inner Health Plus have all passed the key criteria needed when selecting a good therapeutic probiotic. All the types of good bacteria found in Inner Health Plus are:

  • Stomach acid resistant
  • Bile resistant
  • Able to adhere to the human intestinal wall
  • Able to colonise and grow in the human gastrointestinal system
  • Of human origin

The bacteria that live inside us are very well adapted to our internal environment and are able to flourish in specific temperature ranges and pH levels. The bacteria found in Inner Health Plus are strong enough and able to withstand the harsh environmental conditions present in the digestive tract. These bacteria are of human origin and are used to these types of conditions.

The strength of the probiotic also plays an important role in it’s survival within the gut. Inner Health Plus contains 25 billion good bacteria per capsule, this amount of good bacteria present within the digestive system easily allows for the bacteria to colonise effectively. Some forms of yoghurts available have very little amounts of good bacteria per serve, therefore you may need up to 22 tubs of yoghurt to get the same amount of good bacteria as in one capsule of Inner Health Plus.

A good probiotic such as Inner Health Plus contains strains of probiotics that are acid and bile resistant and are able to establish colonies within the gut. The amount and strength of good bacteria in Inner Health Plus ensures that Inner Health Plus can help keep your intestinal system in a healthy balance.

Always read the label. Follow the directions for use. If symptoms persist, consult your health professional.