When To Take Inner Health Plus

The best time to take Inner Health Plus is when you remember to! For many people it is easier to take Inner Health Plus with a meal. Fortunately the bacteria in the Inner Health Plus Range are resistant to stomach acid and bile so they can survive the harsh environment in your stomach when you eat. Some people find that they prefer to take it before breakfast, others prefer to take it as the last thing at night before going to bed. Fortunately it does not really matter when you take it, so long as you remember to take it. If you do forget to take your Inner Health Plus before you eat a meal, you can take the capsule with food. The only time when it does matter, is if you are taking antibiotics. If this is the case then separate the dose of Inner Health Plus from the antibiotics by at least two hours.

Have you had your Inner Health Plus today?

If you have been taking a course of antibiotics, Inner Health Plus may assist in maintaining the levels of normal healthy flora which have been disrupted.

Inner Health Plus range has a product for everybody everyday*.

*Suitable from 5 years.

Always read the label. Follow the directions for use. If symptoms persist, consult your health professional.