Fight Fatigue and Stress with Magnesium

If magnesium was a character, it would be a warrior: Strong and full of the energy and stamina to win every fight. In our body, this vital mineral fights fatigue and stress by helping our bodies produce energy and cope with stress.

Fatigued? Refuel the fire!

Hitting the snooze button every morning? Struggling to peel yourself off the couch in the evening? Magnesium acts like fuel for energy production in the body, if you don’t have enough magnesium, you can’t produce enough energy.  If you’re feeling mentally and physically flat, magnesium may help refuel your fire!

The Vicious Stress Cycle

Magnesium is essential to helping your body cope with stress, but we also use more magnesium when we’re stressed. So just when you need more magnesium to help cope with stress, you’re using more of the magnesium you need to handle stress - potentially creating a vicious downward spiral towards low magnesium levels. Are you getting enough magnesium in your diet for your stress levels?

Stress Less

Studies show that people with low magnesium levels don’t cope as well with stress and are more likely to experience anxiety and difficulty sleeping, decreasing your ability to handle stress even further. If you struggle with stress, a high quality magnesium may help you keep your cool. For more information on how to reduce stress naturally click here.

Get the Best Stress/Fatigue Fighter

Whether you need magnesium to boost your energy or reduce stress, using the right type can make all the difference to the results you get. Look for a high-strength, high-quality and highly absorbable supplement (look for “magnesium diglycinate” on the label) to maximise your results.