Stress – Coping with the Silly Season

'Tis the season to be...STRESSED Tips to Minimise Stress Natural Stress Solutions Switch you Christmas focus

‘Tis the Season to be…STRESSED!

Christmas can be a CRAZY time - Crowded shops, endless queues, no parking spaces, no time, no money, family issues, all these things can add up to a stressful time of year. Here’s a few suggestions to dial back the silly-season stress and put the festive back in your season.

Practical Ways to Minimise Stress

  • Money Stress - It might be a bit late this year, but try putting creating a Christmas Kitty for next year, put $5-$10 away each week to minimise the financial shock when Christmas rolls around again.
  • Shopping Stress - The simplest way to avoid crowd/parking/queue stress is to buy online. But if you’re going to brave the shops, go with a list – 75% of people that go last minute shopping come home without a single purchase (Roy Morgan Research).
  • Festive Stress - With all the hype, there can be a bit of unconscious pressure and a feeling that you have to be festive and joyous, and that your family should resemble something out of a Christmas movie. It may help to be realistic, if your family struggle to be harmonious throughout the year, don’t expect Christmas miracles. 

Stress Solutions for the Silly Season

Nearing a Christmas crisis and need some stress solutions? Here’s a few natural medicines that may just do the trick:

  • Tired, Agitated and Down?: B vitamins are used for the production of brain chemicals, stress hormones and energy, a multi B vitamin supplement that contains at least 50 mg of each B vitamin may help you keep your cool;
  • Tense, Anxious and Sleepless?: Magnesium’s essential for muscle relaxation and energy production, and magnesium can also help with stress support and sleep. Look for an easily absorbed magnesium diglycinate form like Meta Mag®;
  • Run-Down, Overwhelmed and Exhausted?: Ginsengs are famous for supporting energy levels and balancing the stress response. There are five Ginsengs from around the world and Ginsengs tend to work better together, so look for a supplement that contains all five.
  • Frazzled, Foggy and Flat?: Fish oils are needed for healthy brain function, which may help when you’re feeling the pressure. Look for a high-strength, molecularly distilled fish oil from cold water fish.

Switch Your Christmas Focus

A recent study into the biggest contributors to a merry Christmas made the following three suggestions:

  1. Focus on family and friends – Enjoy spending time with the people that you love - have a laugh, share a meal, make new traditions and memories. It doesn’t need to be extravagant, simple is best.
  2. Minimise materialism – Focus less on gifts and more on gratitude. Less on expensive presents and more on expressing love. The best gifts often cost very little.
  3. Give more – Make it your quest to make someone else’s Christmas special. Donate to charity, volunteer at a soup kitchen, visit a retirement village, or drop off an anonymous hamper. Learning to give is a big part of the reason for the season.